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Digital Content and Web Accessibility Policy


MSU is committed to facilitating access to University instruction, communication, research, and business processes, while enhancing community building for the broadest possible audience. The University strives to employ principles of Universal Design and uses the Web Accessibility Technical Guidelines (WA Technical Guidelines) and standards in the design, implementation, enhancement, and replacement of Web content and services. In doing so, MSU aims to improve access to both current and emerging technologies. The Digital Content and Accessibility team leads web accessibility initiatives and implementation at MSU. The MSU IT Digital Content & Accessibility team provides resources and tutorials for accessible web development, course and content development, and reviews and evaluations of technology products and software for the MSU community. You can learn more information regarding MSU’s Web Accessibility Policy and training programs.

Email Policy

To facilitate communication from faculty and staff to students, PA Medicine students are required to have a functioning MSU provided email address. Students are responsible for checking their MSU email accounts daily and maintaining their MSU mailboxes so that messages can be received.

Forwarding MSU email to another email account or failure to check email are not valid excuses for missing a deadline or other requirements of the clinical education program.

Further, students must use secure email when working in a hospital, clinic or other health care setting if discussion of patient information is involved. MSUNet ( email is secure; many web-based email systems including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are not.

Approved by the Faculty of the Department of PA Medicine on March 16, 2020