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Remediation Policy

Assessment remediation:

Any student receiving an “N” grade on an assessment is required to remediate. Remediation for individual assessments will require a remediation assessment that similarly assesses the deficient knowledge and/or skills. A passing “P” grade for a remediation assessment is a 70%. A student may not remediate the same assessment more than once. A student may remediate no more than 2 assessments in an individual course.

Procedure: A student receiving an “N” grade on an assessment must contact the Instructor of Record within one week of receiving the grade to set a remediation assessment date. Remediation will not be offered if the Instructor of Record is not contacted within one week. The student and Instructor of Record will schedule a date prior to completion of the semester to attempt remediation. 

Course Remediation:

Any student receiving an “N” grade in a course is required to remediate to the course to progress in the program. Remediation for a course will require that the student enroll in a remediation course in either the same or following semester in which they must successfully pass all components of the remediation course in order to receive a “P” grade for the remediation course. For clinical practicum courses requiring remediation, the student may utilize an elective rotation as remediation if available. 

If the student successfully completes the terms of the remediation course, they will receive a “P” grade for the remediation course.  The “N” grade in the original course will remain on their official University transcript. If a student passes a remediation course, the student will be allowed to continue to progress in the program. If a student fails to successfully pass all components of the remediation course, an “N” grade will be awarded. For courses in which a student receives a remediation grade of “N”, the student will be required to appear before the Promotion Committee.

Procedure: A student receiving an “N” grade in a course will be required to meet with the Promotion Committee. The Promotion Committee will be notified during monthly faculty meetings of any student who is performing below the academic standards for a course by the Instructor of Record and the Promotion Committee will identify resources to provide for the student. If a student receives an “N” grade for a course, the Promotion Committee will review the student’s performance and make recommendations for remediation. The Promotion Committee will then contact the student on a timely basis to schedule a meeting and enroll the student in a remediation course.  A remediation course will be a period in which the student will work with the Promotion Committee on an individualized approach based on the course to remediate the content and skills from the course failed. The period of remediation may extend beyond the semester in which the student is enrolled in the remediation course, but will not exceed the following semester, as determined by the Promotion Committee. The student is required to give a weekly update to his/her assigned academic advisor. The student must earn a passing grade “P” in order to have successfully remediated the course. 

Approved by the Faculty of the Department of PA Medicine on March 19, 2021