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Policy on Tuition, Fees and Refunds

MSUCOM PA Medicine students must follow policies, procedures and regulations with regard to tuition, fees and refunds, as determined by Michigan State University (MSU) for Graduate students. Tuition and fees are set by the university. General information, policies, procedures and regulations relative to tuition and fees may be found within the MSU Academic Programs Catalog on the MSU Office of the Registrar website at

  • Enrolled students are assessed charges for tuition and fees on a semester basis. Refund of tuition and fees is determined as followed:
  • For courses dropped, or student withdrawals, through the first one-fourth of the semester of instruction (measured in weekdays, not class days), 100% of the semester course fees and tuition will be refunded.
  • For courses dropped, or student withdrawals, after the first one-fourth of the semester of instruction, and through the end of the semester, no refund will be made.
  • Further information on Financial Aid Refund Policy can be found on the MSU Registrar website and on the MSU Medical Student Financial Aid website.

The Department PA Medicine faculty approved this student handbook and policies on March 16, 2020.
Revised and approved by the Faculty of the Department of PA Medicine on 3/19/2021, 3/15/2022, 4/18/2023.