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Admission Requirements

Welcome to the MSUCOM PA Medicine Admissions Information Site! We are glad you are interested in our unique and innovative PA program.

Admission to the MSUCOM PA Medicine Program is highly competitive. The program reviews applicants holistically. Those who do not meet minimum admissions requirements will not be considered for admission to the program.

Join us for one of the following Program Informational Webinars to discuss program admissions requirements and guidance, with an opportunity for Q&A.

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Time: Thu, May 30, 2024 01:00 PM-02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Rolling Admissions

Admissions are completed on a rolling basis. The program begins reviewing applicants, inviting for interviews, and offering acceptances well before the application deadline, so waiting until the deadline to apply may decrease your chances of acceptance.

Cohort Size

The PA Medicine program is approved by ARC-PA for a maximum class size of 38 students. MSUCOM Department of PA Medicine will only admit less than or equal to the number of students that are approved by the ARC-PA. At no time will the program exceed the approved number of students by the ARC-PA.


MSUCOM does not give preference to residents of any particular state. There are no restrictions on residency requirements.

Application Requirement checklist

  Verified CASPA application

  Completed MSUCOM Supplemental application

  TOEFL *if applicable

  Prerequisite courses

  Human Anatomy

  Human Physiology

  Microbiology w/lab

  General Chemistry


  Developmental Psychology


  English Composition

  Bachelor’s Degree complete by May of matriculation year (before start of program)

  3 letters of recommendation

Degree Requirements

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is REQUIRED before the start of the program (mid-May of each year).

  • Waiver may be granted in certain scenarios (see Admissions FAQ section for more information)
  • If your bachelor’s degree was obtained outside the US, it must be evaluated by the MSUCOM approved transcript evaluation service (World Education Services).

TOEFL Requirements

Applicants not having had completed four years of high school in the United States must also take the TOEFL exam and submit to MSUCOM by December 1 of application cycle year (score must be received by January 1 of following year)

  • MSUCOM Code is C522
  • Minimum TOEFL exam score (Internet-based-testing): 100
  • Applicants who are citizens of Canada and have completed 4 years of high school in Canada are exempt from this requirement if English is first language

Standardized Testing

Standardized tests (GRE, MCTA, or PA-CAT) are NOT required for admissions into the program and are not considered in the applicant review process.

Healthcare experience

Healthcare experience (direct patient care, volunteering, and/or shadowing) is not required for application, however, is strongly encouraged as it is a component considered in our holistic review process. The program gives preference to applicants who have exposure to medicine and the PA profession, including PA shadowing, direct patient care, indirect patient care such as scribing, and/or are members in a professional medical society or club.

We understand that COVID made shadowing and direct patient care experiences limited in many circumstances for a period of time, and this is taken into consideration in the review process.

Service and Volunteering

While service and volunteering are not required, they are strongly encouraged as it is a component considered in our holistic review process. Aligned with MSUCOM values, the program gives preference to applicants with a passion for service as evidenced by community service and volunteer experiences, especially with underserved populations. The program also gives preference to applicants who have served in leadership and/or advocacy roles.


Grades are one component of our holistic review process.  We aim to ensure that accepted applicants demonstrate the ability to keep up with our rigorous curriculum. Applicants with higher science GPAs, including post-baccalaureate coursework if applicable, will be given preference. The need to repeat prerequisite courses, patterns of withdrawals from courses, unexplained gaps in schooling, a negative grade trajectory, reapplying with no change in application, or having a majority of science and pre-requisite classes taken at the basic/100-200 level are characteristics that are considered unfavorably.

Disadvantaged Students

Aligned with the values of MSUCOM, the program also gives additional preference to students who are educationally and/or economically/environmentally disadvantaged. The program considers many disadvantage markers with preference, such as first-generation college students, overcoming excessive responsibilities or challenges while pursuing education, meeting criteria for economic disadvantage or receiving public assistance, and living in a health profession shortage or medically underserved area.


Questions regarding admission requirements can be emailed to
We also offer virtual advising appointments.  You may see our calendar here.

 Reapplicant Feedback

This self-assessment is an opportunity for you to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your PA school application. You may send your completed self-assessment to the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Admissions office by email A member of our staff will review your self-assessment and can provide brief additional feedback via email.