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Admissions FAQ

When does the application open?

The CASPA application opens each year in late April. MSU typically begins inviting applicants to complete our supplemental application in July each year.

When is MSU's PA medicine application deadline?

You will need a CASPA verified application by January 15th in order to be considered for a May matriculation each year. 

Where can I find MSU’s supplemental application?

After your CASPA application is submitted and verified, you will be emailed a link to MSU supplemental application information beginning in July each year. You will complete this supplemental application through our MSU admissions portal.

What does it mean to have a rolling admissions process? When do you recommend applying to the program? 

We will offer seats in our class on a rolling basis. We recommend submitting your best and most complete application early in the application cycle. 

Am I able to update grades and experiences after submitting the CASPA application?

You will be able to add coursework, grades and experiences to your CASPA application after you have submitted it. You will also have the opportunity to add additional experiences or any additional information through MSU’s supplemental application portal. 

What is the deadline to complete my prerequisite courses?

All prerequisite courses need to be complete by December 31 in the year applying in order to be considered for a May Matriculation. 

Is it OK to take online courses to cover prerequisites?

Yes, online courses will meet the prerequisite course requirements. 

Do you have time frame requirement for how recent your prerequisite courses need to have been taken?

No, we currently do not have a requirement around how recent your prerequisite courses need to have been taken.

Does your program have a requirement around university level of prerequisite courses taken?

No, we currently do not have a requirement around university level of the prerequisite courses taken.

Can I use AP credit to fulfill prerequisite requirements? Candidates may apply AP credit to our English Composition and Statistics requirements only.  Any credit applied must be reported on the candidate’s official undergraduate transcript. IB and CLEP exam credits are not accepted. 

How will I know if a prerequisite course I have taken/plan to take will meet the program requirements?

If there is a course you are unsure about if it meets a prerequisite requirement, email a copy of the catalog course description and/or syllabus for the prerequisite in question to

How will the application process be affected by the pandemic?

We do have a statement on the website regarding grading due to the interruption. There will be no other changes to admission requirements. Any adjustments will be communicated on our website. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email

From whom should I get a letter of recommendation? 

We do not have any specific requirements regarding letter authors. The best letter writers are those who can speak to your skills and abilities in healthcare, know you well and can best describe your fit with the PA profession. 

Does the program offer a wavier to only review the last 60 credit hours?

We do not have a minimum cumulative GPA requirement; therefore, we do not currently offer the last 60 credit hour waiver.

Do you require the GRE, MCAT, or PA-CAT?

No, we do not have a testing requirement as part of the initial application. Your grades and course work are of primary importance to us in terms of academic preparation.

Do you have a healthcare experience requirement? 

While healthcare experience is not required, we do feel that getting healthcare experience does help you prepare for the PA program and profession. 

What kind of student are you looking for? Is there a specific profile?

The MSUCOM PA medicine program takes a holistic approach to admissions. We will look at academic success, life experiences and community activities in evaluating candidates. There is no one mold to fit the PA profession. However, PAs need strong communication skills, leadership, grit and willingness to support the community. We encourage applicants to highlight these attributes.

How should I prepare if I am invited to an interview?

Just be yourself—this is your opportunity to demonstrate your readiness for medicine. Medicine is a service profession that impacts people. Reflect on professional behavior experiences you have had and how you see yourself providing professional service. Learn more about interview process here.

Program FAQ

What is the programs Accreditation status?

Find full information on the program's application for Provisional Accreditation here.

What size will be the matriculating cohort for May 2022?

We anticipate matriculating a class of 32 in May 2022.

Where will the PA program be held?

The PA medicine program will be conducted on the East Lansing campus for the first year. Placements in the clinical year will be statewide.

Does your program offer housing for PA students?

While we do not provide housing, there are many different on-campus housing options available at MSU. You may also choose to live off-campus in the abundant rental options close to campus. 

What is the start date of the first cohort?

We will matriculate our first cohort May 2022.

Is there a seat deposit for admitted students?

Yes, there is a $500 non-refundable seat deposit.

What is the program’s tuition cost?

In-state and out-of-state program costs can be found here

Will your program provide job placement for graduates?

Typically, PA students find employment through clinical rotations and 70% of recent grads nationally have two or more job offers (NCCPA Data). MSUCOM PA medicine will assist students in a variety of ways by giving them the needed skills to be successful to practice medicine and will support our students long after they graduate.

How will your curriculum be taught? 

Our curriculum plan is listed here. One thing that is unique about MSU PA Medicine is the opportunity to learn side by side with medical students. You will spend half of your course time in the same courses as our osteopathic medical students. Expect your time at MSU to be hands on, team-oriented, and engaging in the classroom.

What hospital rotations will students in your program participate in?

Students will get a variety experiences in the clinical training year throughout the state of Michigan. We have several major health systems ready to take our students due to MSUCOM’s longstanding work in the medical community. You can see the variety clinical courses offered listed here

Do you offer any international elective rotations?

We are statewide for clinical expereinces during the program and will offer some national and international elective opportunities as well. International rotations are only allowed for the clinical elective rotation course (PA 910) for students in good standing with the program. Our other elective options are listed on the curriculum page.

What sets you apart from other programs?

MSU PA Medicine program provides unique opportunities only seen at a few programs nationally. You will train in the same classes as medical students and have greater flexibility in the clinical year due to the electives in internal medicine sub-specialties, surgical sub-specialties and ambulatory areas of medicine.  We will focus on making students ready to practice medicine with a collaborative approach in a Big Ten setting.