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Student Research and Scholarly Activity

MSUCOM PA Medicine seeks to promote the advancement of scientific and medical knowledge. The College supports the academic and scholarly pursuits of its students and faculty. This policy specifically addresses the research and scholarly activities of students. MSUCOM PA Medicine does not require students to complete a research or scholarly activity project as a requirement of its Master of Science Medicine in PA Medicine program. However, MSUCOM is committed to assisting students in pursuing these opportunities if they wish to do so outside of the curriculum when possible. All research proposals must conform to MSU research and institutional review board (IRB) policies and procedures. Students may not serve as principle investigators for projects reviewed or approved by MSU IRB.

The Department PA Medicine faculty approved this student handbook and policies on March 16, 2020.
Revised and approved by the Faculty of the Department of PA Medicine on 3/19/2021, 3/15/2022, 4/18/2023.