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Mistreatment Policy

MSUCOM Department of PA Medicine is dedicated to maintaining a positive environment for study and training, in which students can pursue educational and professional activities in an inclusive, humane, respectful environment. Mistreatment is considered destructive of the principles that guide the mission, vision, and goals of the program. The Department of PA Medicine defines mistreatment as a student being treated unfairly or used in a capacity that is not considered reasonable. When assessing behavior that might represent mistreatment, students are expected to consider the conditions, circumstances, and environment surrounding such behavior. 

Procedure: When mistreatment is believed to have occurred, the initial step is to report the concern. All members of the program are encouraged to report incidents of mistreatment. Those who wish to report a concern are advised to take one of two avenues.


1.     Seek out any faculty member in the Department of Medicine, including the Program Director or Medical Director, or the Associate Dean of Student Life and Admissions to discuss an allegation of mistreatment. Informal resolution will be sought out in this manner. Students who experience mistreatment on a clinical rotation should seek out the Clinical Coordinator. 


1.     Students can report any concerns of mistreatment to the Spartan Clearinghouse Committee (SCC). The SCC will handle each matter on an individual basis, in an anonymous, confidential, and timely manner. The SCC responds to these concerns by classifying and trending behaviors observed. Once a behavior has been classified, the SCC passes the observation to the appropriate individual/department to handle. 


If a student wishes to file a formal complaint, which is often the final step in an effort to resolve concerns, a consultation with a University Ombudsperson is strongly encouraged. The Ombudsperson can assist the student and provide the proper avenue for filing the complaint. The Medical Students Rights and Responsibilities policy contains additional information about filing a formal complaint (sections 5.2 and 5.3) 

Approved by the Faculty of the Department of PA Medicine on March 19, 2021